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Go-Kart Mykonos


Come and discover one of the best Go-Kart outdoor track in Greece ,located in Mykonos. Mykonosraceland is a 750 meter track, a spectacular and fun layout field providing a high standard go-kart services. Our pista Kart in Mykonos has been designed to create the maximum sensation for all ability levels.

Whether you are a beginner kart driver or an advanced one, you are guaranteed a rush of excitement, with European standards, in order to combine excellent fun and safety. 

Τhe Go-Kart categories include: KID-KART, DOUBLE KART ,GT5 200cc 50kmh, GT4 270cc 70kmh and GT4R 390cc (very fast).

The Go-Kart Mykonosraceland runs throughout the summer season from April to November daily from 10:00 am (morning) - 2:00 am (night).